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Are Rebels Demonised?

9. září 2011 v 8:41 | PiNews |  1. الأمن
They aren't demonised. They do loot, do rape, do destroy, do execute children. Basically mercenaries carry out those things without hesitation and repeatedly. What I consider demonisation is "US Truth" about Iran, Afghanistan, Taliban, Assad, AlQuahtafi, Chavi and great Fidel Castro. Even more demonised are "human rights in China and DPRK". But "demonised rebels"? I saw an evidence, and I can't agree even if I really wished. They have no other morals and no other goal than to terrorise. Or tell me that NATO is demonised. No, NATO is demon, it is terrorist organisation, and it is trying to loot Libya in big, while its contractors - Tebels are looting "in small". Finally NATO is trying to create Afghanistan from Libya to Afghanistan. It suffices with chaotic front full of attrocities, to finally ring out Iran on its path against China, India and Russia. Nothing more. Libya scenario for NATO is establish violence and chaos. That is best platform for further NATO governance, presence and puppet establishment. Failed state full of conflicts is what NATO and its politicians are ready to make from all nonaligned Arab states. They continue with Syria by any means. They just need to have continuous front from Libya to Afghanistan. By the way, in decision time, after they must select next scenario due to next financial collapse, they can and will attack Venezuela. Count with Venezuela in a "break time". I don't think they are able to take against Iran in breaktime.

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